Your Duit On Demand

Get access to your hard-earned wages in advance, even before payday. From urgent bills to emergencies, pay for what you need - we’ll settle the rest.

your duit on demand

Goodbye, paycheck to paycheck

When a crisis hits or debt creeps in, Malaysians are forced to dip into their emergency funds. The problem? 75% of Malaysians can’t even cover an RM1,000 emergency expense. Don’t take on more debt or sacrifice basic needs to stretch out your paycheck. With RollingPay, you can access up to 50% of your salary in advance.

Better financial literacy

When urgent needs arise, RollingPay is a healthier alternative to credit card debt and personal loans.
No loans - just earned wages.

Bridging the liquidity gap

46% of Malaysians live paycheck to paycheck. We help you better manage your income as it comes.

Solving the savings crisis

Advance pay isn't always accessible. Now, you can get a portion of your income when you need it - at zero cost to your employer.

Your salary, when you need it

Access your funds for rainy days at zero cost to your employer. No loans, no interest - just your hard-earned wages.

Debt-free flexibility-01

Debt-free flexibility

Not a loan, better than a credit card. We help employees make ends meet without resorting to banks, lenders and credit card companies.

Advance pay made easy

RollingPay takes the mess out of the equation for employers. Help your team, without sacrificing major disruptions to cash flow or payroll.

Advance Pay made easy-01
Just One Fee-01

Just one fee

Debt and interest-free. RollingPay charges only a single fee per transaction to employees.

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You can request up to 50% of your earned wages. This means that if you’ve worked for 14 days in that month, you can access up to 7 days’ worth of your salary in advance
After submitting your request, the funds will be reflected in your specified bank account within 1 – 2 working days.
On payday, your employer will pay your salary as usual, deducting the exact amount that you’ve already received in advance. No more, no less.
RollingPay charges a single, one-time fee per transaction. This fee is charged to the employee and is completely zero cost for the employer. No interest rates are incurred as RollingPay is not a loan service.

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