Empower your team’s financial wellbeing

Uncover the life-changing benefits and value in enabling pay advances for your employees. No disrupted cash flow, no messy payroll, all at zero cost. RollingPay pays your team in advance when they request it - so you can be the better employer.

Empover your team financial well being

More than just a paycheck

In a time of financial uncertainty, a company who takes their team’s financial wellbeing to heart is a company that makes an impact. Whatever your industry or organisation size, RollingPay makes advance payouts a breeze so you can do right by your team.

Out Of our Own Pocket

Out of our own pocket

AdvancePay is completely free to use for employers.

✓ Zero cost, zero disruption to your systems
✓ One-time transaction fee is charged to employees
✓ Employers only reimburse RollingPay on payday

Boost employee retention

Boost loyalty, retention and recruitment by offering the freedom to access earned wages.

✓ Reduce employee turnover rates
✓ Better employee satisfaction
✓ Stay up to date with the growing gig economy

Boost Employee Retention
Debt free

Happier, more productive teams

Helping you make a genuine impact in the lives of your employees.

✓ Financially-stressed employees are proven to be less efficient
✓ Enable a more focused and committed workforce
✓ Help instil financial literacy and resilience in your employees

How AdvancePay works

Step 1

Employee requests to withdraw up to 50% of earned salary

Step 2

RollingPay disburses funds to employee

Step 3

Employee gets access to funds

Step 4

On payday, employer pays balance of salary to employee as usual

Step 5

On payday, employer reimburses RollingPay

Creating a future-ready workplace experience

Request a demo to take a deeper look at what AdvancePay can do for your company.