Your income at your fingertips

Debt-free flexibility like never before. RollingPay puts control of your income back into your hands. Now you can make ends meet - without sacrificing your financial wellbeing.

your income at your fingertips

Access your Duit on demand

Emergencies happen, and you may not always have the funds on hand. RollingPay works with your employer so that you can responsibly access earned income in advance.

Pay Day any Day

Payday, any day

Have the flexibility to access income when rainy days roll around.

✓ Pay off bills on time
✓ Incur less interest on your debts
✓ Early access of up to 50% of your monthly salary


Make better use of money that would have otherwise gone to banks, lenders and credit card companies.

✓ Zero interest
✓ No hidden fees, no loans
✓ Just one transaction fee

Debt free
Smarter Saving

Smarter saving

Tackle day to day finances worry-free

✓ Better handle the unexpected
✓ Capture opportunities as they come
✓ Build better financial resiliency

How much will it cost me?

No loans, no interest - just earned wages. RollingPay charges a one-time fee per transaction to help you access your Duit on demand.

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